About Getting Something for Nothing

The real purpose of yoga and meditation is self development

You have just landed on a unique site. We don’t want anything from you, not your money, not your e-mail address. The purpose of this site is to disseminate information – Not to sell you anything. We are here to answer your questions in reference to the Internal Arts of Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong and their ultimate aims and goals. Many people get stuck in the illusion these arts put forth and not their true reality.

Most all Internal Arts put forth a facade. At first glance yoga looks like a physical method for attaining strength and flexibility. One would probably attain these goals thru the practice of asanas (physical poses); however this could not be farther from the real purpose of yoga. The real purpose of yoga practice (and that includes meditation) is first of all self development. That sense of discovering who we really are, getting in touch with our souls and living in accordance with the self, Next is the merging of ourselves with the universe and experiencing the unique oneness of us all. I cannot say that I have reached that experience of merging myself with the universe, however thru yoga and meditation my life has radically changed, my mind has calmed, my body has relaxed, I have felt my soul and live in accordance with the principles of the universe. I feel close to everyone and realize that my purpose is not to receive but to give and that is the reason for this website.

My yoga personal practice has turned into a prayer. My mat has turned into a temple. I feel the sacredness within as my heart opens. These are goals that are attainable thru disciplined ritualistic practice. It is a long journey; many of the signs on the road are misleading. You need courage and discipline to stay on the road. Endless practice of asana and meditation. Periods of the beginning of a true state of happiness start to appear. Our mountains get smaller, we climb them easier. We feel at home in our bodies and our lives have purpose. This is yoga

Tai Chi and Qigong are similar. Their secrets only get answered thru practice. Don’t get lost in their appearances. They will mislead you. I remember locating my tantien (center of gravity) after 4-5 years of practicing Tai Chi. I was so excited about this new physical part that I had discovered that for a while I lost the purpose of my practice. It was only after many months that I realized that everyone has a center of gravity. I was not so special. Anyone with adequate practice could locate their center of gravity. My practice continued.

Karate is an external art. The development of character can manifest thru the practice of karate. The body is our vehicle for development. We constantly train forging our bodies into weapons. We get lost in our practice our training. If we are lucky our attackers become our partners in our quest for proper techniques. We work together realizing that in partnership we will succeed in our quest to pierce our ego. Our reactions become burned into our subconscious. Our mind calms, our thoughts slow down. And then in the midst of our practice the punch does us. We score on our partner effortlessly. This is the way that it works. We start to become real people.