Ahimsa, The Secret Of Yoga

Finding enlightenment thru the practice of ahimsa

Years ago when I started my yoga practice I was not aware of why I was practicing. I just knew that I had come home. The asanas (postures) just felt right, like trying on a new pair of shoes, which fit perfectly. Years flew by and little by little I explored new goals in my asana practice. I realized that yoga was much more than practicing postures. The postures strengthened the body allowing for the rigors of meditation. It was meditation that enabled one to let the mind calm allowing the practioner a window into their true nature. Once the window was opened new dimensions unfolded leading to a higher state of consciousness. That was the path I was following. However, there are many other ways of achieving a state of yoga. One of these ways is the practicing of ahimsa. Ahimsa is the practice of doing no harm. This pertains to other people, animals and yourself.

Think about it, Could you envision yourself going thru life without harming anything. This would require thinking of the ramifications of your actions before you acted upon them. That would require constant vigilance in your everyday reality. For most of us 100% ahimsa would be to hard to follow for any length of time, however we could modify ahimsa to, do your best to not harm anything. This could be a worthwhile practice. Asanas and meditation would, if done correctly, calm the mind giving us the time to adjust our responses to everyday life experiences. Little by little we would be able to move into our subconscious and connect with our own true nature. This would give us access to compassion, love and understanding that we could rely on in order to adjust our daily life experiences with an eye on ahimsa.

In order to see your progress check out the time elapsed for your mind to return to a state of calmness after your reactions to your daily life experiences. The shorter the better. Don’t fret over past actions. Each day brings us closer to our goal and offers us a chance to start over.