Climbing Your Highest Mountain

Changing our gears and preparing for our climb

All of us at certain times in our lives face great challenges. In order to live a full life, these challenges must be surmounted. They can take the form of the loss of a loved one, the end of a long relationship, the loss of a job or facing a debilitating disease. These mountains usually confront us suddenly and before we know it we are facing our worst fears. No longer does the future look so inviting. We find ourselves at the base of the highest mountain and ready or not we had better suit up for the climb.

I have found that the best way to start my climb has been to make the decision to stay the course of the climb no matter what befalls me. Whenever my mind conjures up negative scenarios I immediately let that thought go and concentrate on staying the path. What matters may not be the goal of the climb but our determination to experience the path up the mountain. Stay the course, for we know not what is hidden beyond the next bend.

During times of great stress I usually increase my practice of various exercises to calm the mind and strengthen my body. What I don’t do is let my mind get the best of me. I keep a very active lifestyle. I increase my meditation times, and although my meditation may not be up to par, just sitting in proper meditative posture for a long time strengthens my resolve to move up my mountain.

My last daily ritual is to commune with the universe before falling asleep. I am grateful for my life, grateful for my problems and grateful for all the good things, which I have received. These few minutes before falling asleep seem to reinforce the connection of my spirit to all that there is in the universe. Lastly I ask for the strength to continue my climb.

Upon trying out this last step explained above, I am confident that with practice you too will know some sense of spiritual connection. We all have to meet our destiny sooner or later. In closing I would mention one more technique. Keep a list of the changes you have made to yourself as you are making your climb. You may be suprised at what has transpired.