Creating A New Future By Living In The Moment

Moving forward on the road of life

We are all products of the mental image we have formed for ourselves. Most all images are created by our imagination based on our past life experiences. These experiences, good and bad are fixed in our minds. If we see the sun rising every day, we believe that this will continue forever and we may prepare for each new day by wearing sunglasses. Our daydreams and fantasies form our outlook of the future. Together with our ego’s analysis we either live in the past or in the future. Seldom do we allow ourselves the liberty of dwelling in the present.

Many years ago, after I just purchased a motorcycle jacket and was wearing it for the first time, I got into a fight in a parking lot. Upon arriving back at my house after the fight I hung the motorcycle jacket in the back of my closet, never to wear it again. You see, my vision of the future had equated the wearing of the motorcycle jacket to getting into another fight, and I wanted none of that. My belief system had convinced me to rid myself of the object I perceived would lead me into another fight. At that time I knew what I was doing but was afraid to confront myself with the reality of the situation. With respect to the wearing of the motorcycle jacket, I had sealed my future.

The clothing I wear reflects my future interpretation of a coming event based on some past incident. This was a real eye opener for me, however I couldn’t do anything about it. My past was my future.
To some extent that is probably the way most of us operate. The modalities I have studied and taught reflect the intent of bringing us into the present and allowing us to operate in the moment. In the practice of yoga or tai chi we must be totally concentrating on the mental and physical posture we are practicing at the moment. These postures must become second nature, enabling us to practice with a still mind. This is the way to go about our daily lives. Let our intuition guide us thru our experiences. Our minds calm, our bodies relaxed and our breath long full and deep. In this way we reflect our true nature as we move thru life.