The Development Of The Tai Chi Body Part2

In my last article I started to explain how the Tai Chi practice works and how it affects the body of the student. Without discovering your dantien (center of gravity) you do not have a starting point for movement of chi. It takes a long time using the form to meditate on the tan tien while you move around within the form. If you have a straight spine and you are relaxed pull in your chin slightly in and up you will feel as if your dantien is a rubber band and your chi will collect in this place called the sea of chi. As the chi is collecting it will overspill the tantien and move up the spine making a large circle. Then we get to the relaxation in the legs and the opening of the kidney points located at the bottom of the feet. Those kidney points solidify your relationship with the ground. This is a very important level to reach and your progress will increase when you reach it. All the time spent practicing will pay off as the tendons take on the slack from the muscles. This is called strength from the tendons. Now your body will feel as if you are one with the universe. When the body moves it moves as if the whole body is connected. This is a great place to practice push hands with a partner. Your partner will feel as if your arm was like an iron bar wrapped in cotton. Persevere and discover how the mind will react to your situation and will move you to safety. Remember the I moves the chi and the chi moves the body.Your mind must be completely blank for this to function. That is why meditation is practiced .