The Development Of The Tai Chi Body






The Tai Chi body takes many years to practice and develop. First last and always there is the concept of relaxation. I am talking about relaxing the whole body. The best way to start off is to assume a Tai Chi posture and hold it for at least 5 minutes. Use a mental picture of the of the posture and focus on it as you hold it. Now focus on relaxing the body piece by piece. Soon you will notice that as your body relaxes it gets heavy. The more the relaxed you get the heavier the body. After a long period of time you start to sweat. This training is just like barbell training. It is hard work. At this point many people quit the practice, however this is what the novice student needs in order to progress to the next step. In the next step you start to feel the opening of the joints in the body as you perform the form. This feels like there are rubber bands in the joints of the body being stretched. This is called standing mediation. As you practice bring your focus to your center of gravity which is located 2 inches below your navel and 1/3 rd the distanced from the front of the body to the back of the body. The mind calms. The body relaxes, The breath is long and full and deep.

Next we learn how Tai Chi punch works. As our body totally relaxes our breath sinks to Tan Tien(center of gravity). Visualize your whole body from the top of your head to the bottom of your foot. Now continue to visualize below your foot. Become attached to the ground, use your mind to help you. Fill your body with chi. Relax your fist and with a whip like motion throw the punch aiming through your opponent with total softness. Remember that this will not work if you hold onto any hardness

To Be Continued