Dreaming Your Destiny

Finding your way by dreaming your destiny

Your dreams can reveal your destiny if you pay attention to them. Quite often you would need to keep a pen and paper next to your bed in order to record them before you forget them.

Last night I dreamed that my wife and I went to Chicago on a business trip. We were directed to an enormous building, which housed Sales Offices on every other floor and warehouses on every other floor. We proceeded to a large Sales office for a business meeting. Upon entering the office and meeting our counterparts, I realized that my wife had forgotten to introduce me to them. This gave me the opportunity to find the men’s room. I was soon lost in this big building and started to wander around on my own.

My first encounter was with a bicyclist who asked to use my phone. I told him no, as I noted that he had an old version of my phone hanging fro his belt. I was afraid that he was going to steal it from me. When I continued on, a man who showed me a list of people who were looking for me approached me. I continued on and soon was approached by a girl who wanted to meet me, however she was confined to her office.

Next I wandered into another company and proceeded to have a business discussion with another employee. It was during this conversation that I was struck with the reality that I was hopelessly lost and would never find my way back. At that instant I knew that I should be focusing on the new people I was meeting and not on the path back. There was no path back, only the reality of the moment. Then I awoke with a start and started putting my dream on paper.

We all live most of our lives either thinking about the good old days of the past or fantasizing about the future. It takes work to live in the present moment, but when you are there, you are one with the moment. Your senses are focused and sharp and for that moment you are connected to all that there is.

Some dreams can actually put you in the position of dreaming your destiny, if you let them.