Excess Baggage

Letting go of your baggage invites spirituality and calmness

One of the reasons that many people drop out of the practice of Internal Arts like Yoga or Tai Chi is the period of time it takes to manifest results. Results can only come as fast as the body starts to relax and soften. We carry around all of our emotional baggage with us wherever we go. We take it into any new relationship or new job that we are about to start. The only way to overcome this is to practice a structured disciplined set of movements of the body designed to let this baggage go or dissolve. After this type of disciplined practice has been done for a while results will come.

There were once two monks, an older monk and a younger monk. They were in charge of restocking certain items from a town located a couple of miles away. They had to cross a stream in order to get to town from the monastery . Normally there was a boatman who took them across the stream, however when they were returning from town with their supplies there was no sign of the boatman nor his boat. Instead they saw a woman with some supplies obviously in distress. When confronted the woman told the monks that she had to get back to her children whom she had left alone before dark. She was almost in a panic. Immediately the older monk told her to hop onto his back and he proceeded to carry her across the stream which was not too deep. The younger monk followed with the supplies.When they reached the other side the woman thanked the older monk and went quickly on her way. Then the two monks headed back to the monetary. The older one leading and the younger one following. Very soon the older monk noticed that the younger monk was muttering to himself obviously very disturbed. When questioned the younger monk told the older monk that he had not stuck to the monastery rules. That he was not supposed to be near women, especially carrying one on his back. The older monk continued back to the monastery and finally when they got back the older one turned to the younger monk and said. When I finished carrying that woman across the stream I let her go, But you are still carrying her.

That is the way that it works. We need to let go, and one of the best ways to let go is to use the body to calm the mind working with the breath. This is the beginning of the road inward. Our focus starts to change from the outside to the inside. We pay close attention to the breath as we do our practice. Think of this, we are together in a room. Imagine that the air in the room has a blue tint to it and that we can see thru each others bodies. What we would see is this blue tinted air first going into the lungs. From there to the blood stream and from there to cells and finally the blue tint air would settle in the tissues. We are actually totally intimate with each other,totally connected deep in our bodies and psyches. This is our reality and our path is to actually feel the connection. This takes time.

Old emotions stuck deeply within our psyches need to be let go. Yoga postures called Yoga asanas along with the deep penetration of your body and soul by your breath and yoga mind will slowly manifest. Change will slowly lead to spirituality manifesting in your everyday spiritual growth. The yoga asanas are the doorway into your own true nature. They work like magic. Alakazam.