Experiences in the search for the true self

Finding your innate route inward in order to realize your real self

First come the faint vibrations of that desire that there is something more. You can’t put your finger on it but you can sense it. In many cultures this starts to manifest after children have been raised and your vocation once vital has lost its luster. In my own experience it started much earlier in my life. My practice was taking up my mornings and my vocation was taking up my afternoons. This started in my late twenties. I was traveling two roads at the same time, unaware that my spiritual quest would have great ramifications on my vocation. My world was about to change and I was going to perceive things in a new and different way if I let it happen. First of all my personal practice started to change from just a practice to something like a continuous prayer. Second it became a discipline just to do the practice, and third was that it became a ritualistic discipline. One practiced in a specific way ritualistically, just like a long dance.

It’s like something pulling at your psyche, urging you forward. You start to become the practice. It’s just like the breath. Initially you breathe according to the movements of the body. You synchronize the movements of your body with the inhales and exhales. You inhale on the expanding movement and exhale on the contractive movement. Then when you have mastered the breath, you let your self be breathed. It is like you are watching yourself being practiced. You become one with the breath, one with your practice. The road inward beckons and you let yourself be drawn inside.

As we are slowly drawn inward and we get closer to our real self our thoughts start to slow down. We notice the faint stirrings of the urge to cleanse ourselves. This could take the form of a change in our diets or our perception of ourselves. New vague thoughts start to surface and we find ourselves changing within our everyday life experiences. We may start to realize the importance of giving our word to somebody, and following thru exactly as we said we would.

It’s like we are radios. First we are only able to tune into 5 stations broadcasting the same stuff day after day. Then gradually as we become more sensitive to our own true nature we notice that we are starting to receive more stations. These new stations broadcast the spiritual connections we have been yearning for. Truth and morality replace selfishness and desire for worldly goods. We start to become these new stations in our daily lives. Our old perceptions change. Now just staying on the road is paramount. The goals vanish. We just are who we really are.

This ritualistic disciplined practice could take the form of mindfulness, meditation, tai chi, Yoga and many other roads to the self. The benefits of meditation are well known and practiced worldwide. Practicing mindfulness leads to spiritual growth and awareness. Business success can also result from your practice. Heart and soul connect revealing your true nature.