Experiencing a change Of Heart

Learning from your life experiences

Many years into my yoga and tai chi practice, I experienced an interesting incident, which left me with the understanding of what my practice was all about.

It was early morning in Florida. The sun had just come up and I was riding my bike along the coastline. As I approached a small town I noticed one traffic signal in the middle of town. The signal was green for me. I slowed down to check out the town and noticed a police car stopped at the light perpendicular to me waiting for his red light to turn green. As I neared the intersection the police officer looked to his left away from me and slowly started to make a left turn. As he made the turn his right fender scraped my bike. In an instant my bike and I were down on the pavement. Realizing what he had done, the police officer quickly came to my assistance. As I got up from the street, I realized that I was just shaken up and there was no damage done to me, however the police officer was clearly a basket case. It took me five or ten minutes to calm him down and convince him that I was not injured. He offered to pay for my bike and drive me to my hotel. Again I assured him that I didn’t need any assistance and was not hurt. My bike seemed ok and I jumped on and started my trip back to the hotel where I was staying.

As I approached the hotel I realized that I was not angry at the police officer nor did I wish him any bad thoughts. Actually I was concerned for his wellbeing. I did not give the incident much thought until some time later when the realization came to me that my behavior was different with respect to the accident. Instead of being preoccupied with myself and what I could get out of the accident, I was concerned with the police officer.

The practice of the internal arts is a voyage back from where and whom you are to that person you really are. Eventually your ego quiets down and minimizes its effects on your life. Your focus starts to be less on yourself and more on others. Many who get onto the road to self-realization start to experience new and different thoughts surfacing in their conscious minds. A common desire among yoga practitioners is to start looking into vegetarianism as a way to do no harm to any members of the universe.

The incident with the police officer was to me, a sign of where I was heading. No more no less. My practice of yoga, tai chi and meditation had the effect of revealing my spiritual nature. The road was ahead of me. All I had to do was stay on it.