Getting Closer to Yourself

Finding the keys to the universe

We are much more than we think we are. We have come into this world with the keys to the universe. However we don’t know where to look for them. Our lives are dominated with the future and the past. We think of our past experiences and use them to try to solve our problems. We dream of our future experiences and imagine their solutions. The one place we do not choose to go is the present. We are in the present only when our total attention is focused on the now. Think of a mother who sees her baby roll under a car. Without any thought she lifts up the car to get to her baby. During the incident she was totally focused on the present. There was no future or past, only the now.

Where do we look for the ability to live in the now? How do we get in touch with ourselves? Most cultures in the past had their own methods for discovering their own true nature. It could be a ritual dance, which lasted all night. It could be meditation or yoga practiced over a long period of time.

Now I am going to present to you a simple method in which to thrust yourselves into the present. It is very simple to understand, however it takes determination and courage to achieve.

Living a truthful life is the secret. Think about it. Your friend asks a personal question. How do you reply? Do you tell the truth and reveal something about yourself that you don’t want to reveal. Do you have the courage to be truthful? Maybe your answer is that you do not wish to reveal the information. As long as that is the truth you are ok. On the other hand what happens if you do not adhere to the truth and fabricate an answer. You now have to stick to the consequences of your actions. You may find that you will be confronted with your untruth. Do you have the courage to admit that you fabricated the original answer and face the consequences? What if your answer were to hurt others? We are responsible for everything we speak. Our conversations are really windows to our souls. Our souls know only truth and are fulfilled when our lives are truthful. Bear in mind that there is a fine line to adhere to in this discipline.

Say you saw a woman running past you obviously in distress. 5 minutes later you see a man with a weapon running the same way. He suddenly stops in front of you and asks if the woman has passed. How do you reply knowing that the man is up to no good? My own reply would be to say that I did not see any woman. Here I would go with my intuition. What would you do?

Your thoughts are actually made up of energy. Don’t sell yourself short. The energy in the form of truthful living is in line with your connection with your soul. Your soul is your connection with nature, the universe or God. Remember no one is perfect. Rely on your intuition and it will serve you well on the road.

There is and old saying that truthfulness is next to Godliness. Spirituality is tied to mind body and soul. It is your connection with your awareness that brings you into a state of mindfulness.