Going For The Gold Ring

The carousel of life requires a firm base

These days most people reach for the stars without a firm base in which to anchor themselves. That’s where real problems develop. Success in a chosen endeavor requires a certain degree of time put in developing your root, that mental and physical tie to the earth.

In Tai Chi we spend a lot of time(I mean years) developing our center of gravity. We all have one. it’s the point on your body where your weight concentrates. It usually is located approximately a couple of inches below your navel and one third the way from the front of your body to the back of your body. In eastern cultures this is a very important point. In the practice of eastern arts the practioner is constantly told to keep his or her mind on this area as they practice their art form. In other words know your own art so well that you can perform it with your mind on your center of gravity.

Next, as you stand in various postures, extend your mind thru your foot one to two feet into the ground. Extend this mental root deep and your root will start to develop. Now you are ready to begin the practice of your chosen modality. This is called planting work in the martial arts.

When I started my business over forty years ago I had a certain amount of planting work done working for other people. I understood that I had to achieve a certain amount of sales each day in order to survive. I always tried to reach my daily goals before calling it a day. I understood that I had to pay my bills on time in order to establish my credit and I never purchased anything without having the money to pay for it. I never berated business friends when they did me wrong and never closed any doors due to runaway emotions. I always tried to see the big picture instead of agonizing over daily problems and above all I was always truthful in my dealings.

This was my business planting work. It was like I got onto the carousel, mounted one of the horses and with a firm seat, and grip on the reins reached out for the gold ring as the carousel started to revolve.

Success can only be won on a firm footing. Think of people who have won the lottery, only to lose all their money thru lack of experience in handling money. Get to know yourself thru your experience in life. Try to intuit your goals and always be practical in your plans. Remember the gold ring cant be worn unless it fits you.

Without a good root in life, nothing will work for you. I believe that we are here to evolve into who and what we were meant to be. Set your sights, be honest with yourself and experience your own true nature.