Hard Times

Learning to face your reality

As the end of 2008 comes closer and closer it appears that these financial times are going from bad to worse. Every day a new and greater problem manifests itself. We could not have imagined the chaos that is spinning towards us, obliterating everything in its path. Millions loosing their jobs while the banks borrow from the Fed at no interest and the credit card companies increase their interest rates to their customers and then let go of their employees. Major scams are being uncovered daily. Who would believe that one man could have built up a 50 Billion dollar house of cards closing down humanitarian charities and turning millionaires into paupers? Will it ever end? And when it ends will there be anything left of our once great country.

Sadly the blame falls on our elected officials and ourselves who have forgotten who elected them. Our government is now full of experts who don’t care about the will of the people.

How did we get here? And where are we going? Will the majority of people still live off their credit cards while their homes go into foreclosure? Are there any solutions to our problems?

Try this on for size. Ancient civilizations were equipped the same as us, however they lacked the technology we have discovered. Instead, they developed means or modalities to uncover their character and spirit. To be honest and reliable is a hard task. It takes practice and experience to mature into a trustworthy individual. It is easy to go along with the will of the ego, easy to forget who we really are. Ancients had the same problems we experience in our daily lives. They got the flu. They had mother in laws. They had money problems, and yet many were able to find their true paths in life. Can a self-realized person lie cheat and steal?

Opening up to your real self takes discipline that can be acquired by learning a task and sticking with it thru thick and thin. Make an agreement with yourself not to give up. Then find a modality within which you can work in order to develop yourself. Individual efforts are best. Be it running, martial arts or knitting. Stick with it until it becomes part of you. Then, internal doors will open for you and you will begin to feel in touch with your true self. Learn to listen within yourself and follow thru on your intuition. Eventually you will find your spirit and know your path in life.