Inner Calmness

How to get in touch with inner calm

Pretty much all of us have had the experience of inner anxiety getting out of control. This anxiety reflects in our everyday life experiences, leading to an unhealthy environment. Soon small physical problems start to manifest in our bodies. Digestive problems soon begin to surface. Viruses and flu plague us. We can’t seem to get out of our own way. I experienced many years of inner anxiety along with the above-mentioned physical problems. Upon taking up karate, I was so nervous before class that routinely I would throw up my dinner on the way to class. This lasted for about six months before it went away, only to be replaced with another small ailment when my anxiety surfaced again.

Our bodies can only function optimally when we are relaxed and calm on the inside. At this point we are able to handle our daily problems without getting sick. Disturbances that in the past perplexed us are solved in this state of inner calmness. Therefore it is obvious that we should devote the time necessary to prepare our bodies and mind for our trip thru this present incarnation.

Picture this; we are standing at the edge of a great lawn. Billions and billions of blades of grass fill our field of vision. Each blade having a unique height and shape. Each blade individually attached to the earth. Each blade growing in its own way. Each blade reaching for the sun. Now imagine that we are the blades of grass. Our mission is to experience our connection to every other blade of grass thru our common bond of the earth. This takes discipline and inner calmness to achieve.

Inner calmness develops thru inner relaxation. Inner relaxation develops thru outer discipline. Outer discipline consists of various methods like yoga, meditation or tai chi among other ways. The practice starts with the body. First every muscle tendon and ligament must be stretched and relaxed as the body is moved into various postures. The breath is synchronized with the movements of the body. The mind starts to calm enabling us to start to experience that state of inner calmness. At first we hardly feel it, however, soon the body starts to open up and the calmness stays with us for hours at a time. Eventually we start to do everything in the same manner. Everything coming from that state of inner calmness. Weather we are cooking dinner or running a marathon we operate from that state of calmness. It is always with us. Our mountains turn into hills.

Now we are ready for the voyage. Thru this state of inner calmness we have the ability to stay on the road leading to the experience of discovering our true connection with the universe.

Practices like yoga and meditation have been developed to enable us to achieve spiritual growth and healing thru proper practice.