Internal Arts

Tai chi, Yoga,Qi Gung and meditation are all following the same path, however they diverge in their method of practice.Yoga stretches the body using the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Tai Chi and qi gong relax the body and all three use some kind of meditation in order to bring the mind as close to possible to thoughtless. At that point the practitioner usually gives up his or her practice. When I approached that point and suggested that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, my teacher pointed out that I should not make the mistake of thinking that the light was really a light and not a freight train coming towards me.

Remember, the body has deeply rooted emotional stuff within and it takes a long time to start releasing it. You release it by constantly being aware of your relaxation. Gradually your form will start to open and your whole body will ache as you do the form. This is progress. Without this opening up progress will slow down. At this point look for the ideal speed to practice your form. You will note that the chi will start to gather itself and penetrate your body. This is a very important point.