Learning From Linda

How to accelerate bad karma

When I was about twenty years old I was dating a girl named Linda. We had been going out for about two or three years when this incident took place. Linda and I, along with a group of our friends, had gone out for some dinner at a local deli. After dinner we were going over to one of our friends houses to make out. When we placed the order for dinner Linda wanted to add some soup to the order. Naturally I refused, being completely cheap and not caring about her feelings. Soon enough an argument broke out, however I was inflexible and she agreed to pay for the soup herself. By the way, this was normal operating procedure with me. I had done similar things in the past. I just had a lot of trouble getting out of my own way, and was extremely cheap when it came to dating. Around that same time, at a birthday party for me thrown by my mother, I told everyone that they had to limit the cookies they were eating. I was a real piece of work.

Anyway we soon left the deli and drove over to our friend’s house. No one was home so we had the house all to ourselves. We soon retired to the bedrooms. While we were watching television, my wallet had slipped out of my pocket. When Linda noticed the wallet, she immediately grabbed it and ran out of the room up the hallway to the bathroom. I tagged along in back of her not realizing what she was up to. By now the rest of my friends had heard us running up the hallway and had come out to see what was happening. In front of everyone Linda quickly emptied my wallet of all of my money and threw it down the toilet with one hand while flushing with her other hand. I arrived just in time to see my beloved money flushing down the toilet. Every one immediately broke out laughing at me, and they would not stop. I was totally embarrassed by the incident and for an instant I saw myself for what I really was – someone that I really didn’t want to be.

After that incident I started to change the way that I acted. That brief look at myself stuck in my mind for a long time.

Now what this got to do with the internal arts which I usually write about? Karma is that physical boomerang principle which we all live with. What we put out we always get back, in some form or other.

Its like a balloon filled with a viscous liquid. Poke it on one side and feel the effects on the other side. Even simpler, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We store up good or bad karma according to our actions. Sooner or later we all must face our karma. After a while all believers in karma start to be careful with the way they live their life experiences. Intuition starts to manifest in their decisions. Once one builds bad karma in this life, they must live with the reflection of that karma in their next life. In a way their following incarnations are mapped out for them. Their aim is to live their lives face to face with their fate and come out whole.

In my life experiences I try to be very careful how I handle myself day to day. When making decisions I find myself going over the ramifications of those decisions very carefully. This goes along with the yama discussed in the last article. Above all, do no harm. In essence this is where it’s at. Self-awareness brings forth spiritual growth. Once you tune into the vibrations of your soul, you are on the road.