Lessons in Business and Life

Getting on the road to a successful life experience

In over 40 years of business experience combined with over 40 years of practice of the internal arts, my views about both have changed considerably. In the beginning these two paths were separate entities not to be mixed together, but with the passage of time these two entities converged into one way of living ones business and life. This makes a very interesting point as the fundamental goal of yoga is to merge from dualism into oneness. We start off dealing with the universe in the play of opposites. We can only measure how tall we are by comparison with another person. We live in a world of opposites. Good and bad, black and white, full and empty. In time we hope to experience that state of universal connective ness. When I started my business my goals were simple. Just survive each day. Listed below are a few of the techniques I used in building my business and building my life.

Discipline is one of the most important methods used to achieve success in business. However discipline does not start with business. It starts with the discipline to do a practice other than business. This could be any practice. I call it the 100 day practice. Pick a practice like sitting against a wall with your thighs parallel to the floor. Start out with this practice for 1 minute the first day. Raise the time against the wall a little each day according to a set schedule that is achievable. If you miss a practice day due to sickness or other reason, start again from day one up to 100 days. In order to succeed you must do 100 days in a row according to your schedule. Modify your schedule if it is too hard for you, however it should be reasonably hard to achieve. If you are able to complete the practice you will start to notice a change in your daily life experience. This will manifest as the will to continue on in your endeavors until completion. Tasks which you used to leave for last will end up being done on time. Your life structure will change little by little as the discipline is engrained in your psyche.

Respect for everyone you deal with comes next. As you progress in your internal arts practice you automatically start to soften physically and mentally. It will be easier for you to maintain your business relationships and overlook the bad traits of your business associates. Problems that used to set you off no longer do so and your relationships endure thru thick and thin. As an example one of our largest suppliers actually cut out some discounts we were receiving making us uncompetitive in the market place. Without confrontation we found other suppliers. Years later that same supplier who cut us off came back to us with some excellent deals. Apparently he was comfortable with us and we never mentioned the past. We always treated this supplier with respect and dignity and when the time was ripe he came back to us. Internal practice enables you to operate with calmness in both life and business. People do not hesitate to approach you as they perceive that calmness.

Spirituality or that link with the universe manifests in the development of the human being. Business success manifests thru spiritual growth. Spiritual growth manifests thru disciplined practice. Slowly you develop into a real person, a solid citizen respected by your family and the business community. Finding happiness thru personal development is your true nature.