Living in the Fourth Dimension (Part2)

Proceeding thru life knowing who we really are

I have practiced three disciplines spanning forty years. When I entered into the practice of karate, it was with the aim of learning how to fight. Basic karate practice consists of warming up, practicing basic techniques, practicing kata, which is a set of prearranged basic techniques, and practicing fighting techniques with a partner. Classes usually run one or two hours. Usually I preferred to skip all but the fighting, however my teacher did not agree. I reasoned that if I was learning how to fight, I might as well spend most of my time fighting. Little did I know that I would never accomplish my goals doing it my way. At this time I was cultivating my ego instead of my practice. I was going nowhere fast.

This realization hit me after a couple of years of practice. I started paying attention to the development of my basic techniques and spent long hour’s just practicing basic punches, kicks and blocks. My goal was to throw the perfect technique. One night during practice fighting with a partner it happened. I say it happened because I did not do it. My partner attacked with a front punch to my chest and without any thought I countered his punch with a block and automatically attacked with my own punch to his chest. It happened so fast that I was like a witness to the exchange. That incident changed my whole way of approaching my practice. Now I was on the road. Little did I realize that the way I approached my practice was now the way I approached my life. Slowly my perception of the world also started to change. One unusual result of my practice was that I started to treat my practice partners with a deep respect. We were actually one unit working together. My goal of becoming a great fighter started to fade and was replaced with respect towards everyone I came in contact with.

The experience of my many years of practicing karate had now completely changed. Karate is about developing character, about becoming a real person. The ego gradually fades and is replaced by our own true nature.

I gradually discontinued my karate practice and entered into the world of yoga and Tai chi. I was looking to experience that connection between myself and the universe. You may call it the lure of spirituality. I was in search of myself. Many years passed and my body started to change. Strength started to be replaced with a softness which gradually developed into a new kind of strength. My goals diminished and I found happiness in my practice.

It was at this time that I made a major decision in my life. My company had grown substantially and I was faced with the choice of going national with warehouses in major cities or remaining a medium size company with one warehouse. I had all the relationships needed to accomplish the national expansion. However, I chose not to do the expansion. You see my ego had gotten smaller and with it lure of big business. Ten years before I would have jumped at the chance. Now I wanted the time to devote to my practice. I have never regretted that decision. It came from that connection I had formed with the universe.

Live life searching for yourself. Find your true nature by cultivating mind body and soul. Spirituality will manifest in your daily life if you stay on the road. Go deeper into yourself thru meditation and just be.