Living in the Fourth Dimension

Discovering new ways to navigate in our daily lives

The closer we come to our own true nature the more we start to change. These changes come about slowly, reflecting our inner nature in our daily life experience. Our practice starts to take on a new form. After practicing and teaching karate for many years I felt a yearning for something more spiritual. I found my way by initiating a practice of Tai Chi. The slow fluid movements of the Tai Chi form attracted my attention. However they are very deceptive in that in order to move slowly your mind has to start to calm down. If your mind can’t handle the slowness of the Tai Chi form, you can’t handle the basics. In reality not only does your mind start to calm, your body must start to relax completely. Now the breath comes into play. With a relaxed body your breath will naturally start in your lower abdominal area instead of in your upper chest. The combination of the breath, relaxation of the whole body and slow fluid movements let the mind start to calm down. The amount of new thoughts surfacing in the conscious mind automatically start to calm.

The practice, if done correctly over a long period of time, with attention in the lower abdominal region allows some new interpretations of your daily life experiences to surface. Usually calmness will start to manifest in place of anxiety. This new found calmness will enable you to stop the practice of immediately reacting to a situation, and instead ponder some alternatives. The whole body starts starts to change according to the amount of time spent practicing. Less tenseness in the body means more calmness of the mind. This is the way it works in the beginning.

After years of practice some interesting changes started to take place both inside and outside. I started to become patient in my dealings. This was noticed by some of my business associates. In the past I wanted fast results with business problems, now I was willing to wait and patiently pursue my goals. This was a whole new way for me to react in business and it seemed to me to be the natural way for me to function. I had gotten closer to my own true nature and found the patience that was always inside of me. You see we are only searching for what has always been there. The real you awaits your discovery. The path to this discovery could be an internal practice of Tai Chi, Yoga or Qi Gong.

Here is an interesting story. In my early years of business when I was struggling to earn a living, I was operating without a union. As my business started to grow I pondered the question of a union. Was a union really necessary in order for me to operate my business? Could a union really help my employees? After deliberating for many months, I decided to bring in a union which I knew. My lawyer and I spent 1 day at the union office negotiating a contract. We signed it that day. That contract lasted for 40 years. Our employees always received more than the contract required. Looking back at those years to the beginning of my practice, I realized that it was my practice and the discoveries I was making about myself that enabled me to make that decision.

That is the way it works. You discover yourself. Thru spiritual awakening mind body and soul come together enabling business success. You become closer to your soul and experience all that you are. Then you take out the garbage.