Living With Yourself

Staying alert on your trip to Vegas

Last night I was watching a broadcast on television. As it was Memorial Day most of the show was about our soldiers. Some very interesting statistics were revealed. Apparently after the Second World War surveys were taken of our fighting troops as they returned home. The final figures indicated that only 25% of our combat troops aimed to kill when in battle. The other 75% did not shoot to kill. When the powers that be got a hold of this information they changed the way our troops were being trained and succeeded in raising the percentage from 25% to 83%. Our fighting troops now were considered the best in the world. Fast forward to the Iraq War. Apparently of the combat troops returning home the majority of them who were in battle were returning home with a multitude of psychological problems. In fact almost all the troops in battle had stress disorders while the ones who did not shoot to kill did not.

This information struck me immediately. Apparently there was a real hesitation on the part of our combat troops to kill another human being, no matter what the training methods. Our troops were well trained and most felt that they were there to protect our country. However this didn’t matter. When all was said and done, they got sick.

Consider this, we are like leaves falling from a tree. The wind blows us here and there on our way down to the ground. The wind represents our ego. While in flight we are torn by our relationship with the tree and the physical world surrounding us. Our future destiny is written and determined by this trip we are taking. We cannot, without paying harsh consequences veer off to far away from the tree. This is the problem our soldiers are facing. They have, in the service to their country done their best. Now they must pay the consequences for their loyalty. That’s really asking a lot from them.

There is a popular saying these days – “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Now, do you really think everything stays in Vegas? Anyone who believes this is asking for trouble, big trouble. The further away from our true nature we veer, the more danger we face. We need to be able to live with our deeds, and those we can’t live with will destroy us.

Let you heart guide your way through life. Your heart is the home of your soul. Listen carefully in stillness and you will be guided home. Spiritual healing can only manifest through this communication. The path is meditation. Mind body and soul unite through meditation.