Making The Most Of Meditation

Meditation bears fruit in everyday life

If you want to become closer to the real you and function from that place in your daily life, then take up the practice of meditation. It doesn’t look like much, however it is a very powerful technique.

Our minds are filled with thoughts all the time. In fact those continuous thoughts are the basis of all of our actions in everyday life. Wouldn’t it be great if we could slow down these thoughts and discover what a thoughtless mind could be like. Imagine going thru the day in a state of calmness and stillness. Solving your problems and facing life with a relaxed attitude. That is precisely what the practice can bring.

Meditation doesn’t even cost much. All you need are some simple instructions, a quiet room, some loose fitting cloths, a straight-backed chair (or some cushions on the floor), a timer and most important of all, the will to continuously practice. Meditation wont work if you cannot set aside some time for yourself every day. Remember, you need to make a commitment to yourself that you will adhere to the schedule you have set.

For your first couple of times meditating, I would suggest that you sit comfortably with a straight spine and just watch your thoughts as they scroll thru your mind. Just sit for 5 minutes a day After a couple of days in which to find a comfortable position in which to sit, you will be ready to check out a technique. Bear in mind that there are hundreds of techniques for focusing the mind.

Our first technique will be to focus the mind on the movement of the breath thru the body. Just act as a witness to the inhales and exhales of your breath. If you lose your concentration due to some thoughts entering your mind, just go back to watching your breath. Keep your eyes closed and breath thru your nose. Your attention is now focused on the inside instead of the outside.

At first your breath will probably be shallow and high up in the chest, however with practice, as the body relaxes you will find that the breath starts to penetrate your whole body. As it goes deeper, so does your state of relaxation. With daily practice of 10-20 minutes you will start to notice a difference in your mental state.

Soon your meditation practice will start to become a part of your day. Try not to set any aims or goals like achieving enlightenment. Your aim should be to do your daily practice, just that. Your mind will slowly start to calm down. Fewer thoughts will intrude on your meditation. Your concentration will get better, and you will feel as if your breath is breathing you.

You can switch to another technique like listening to the beat of your heart, however, once you find a technique that you are comfortable with, stick with it.

With daily practice you will start to feel your own true nature, that part of you that could be referred to as your soul. You will intuit the solutions to your problems and life will start to become joyous. This closeness leads to stillness that results in a harmonious human being.