Martial Arts for Development of the Whole Person

Martial Arts for the development of the Whole person



Most people just want to experiment with the physical and leave out the spiritual development. Many others are only interested in the time which it takes to develop strength thru training. They like to lift heavy weights in order to satisfy their egos. I should know as I have done that. For many moons I worked with heavy weights and enjoyed the feel of looking at myself in the mirror. I loved aerobic exercise and spent more time watching myself as I looked on my tredmill grinding out the miles. Spiritually I was lost and knew nothing of the internal arts .Then things started to happen. I found a yoga book and tried to copy the postures. I started looking for a teacher and found Alan Finger. He taught me meditation. Also I started to level off my karate training. It seems that my ego diminished and I no longer needed so much mirror time. About this time I started to become concerned about my honesty. (something that I never thought of in the past.) and all that goes with becoming a real person. I searched deep inside my mind and listened to my heartbeat

I started to practice more and more. The practice drew me to question my basic judgements. I was slowly changing into my real self, discovering how the body and the mind worked together thru the breath. Focusing on each inhale, focusing on each exhale. Digging into the earth. My destination became my practice. Each breath opening my body. Each breath calming my mind.