Martial arts for dummies

Martial Arts for Dummies


In order to max out your practice plan when training for Martial Arts You should start with your foundation. The oriental student is already for these practices and knows the value of holding postures for long duration. In fact oriental trainees quite often know the value of the hara or center of gravity. Most realize that your connection to the world of nature thru your center of gravity is where its at. Training your foundation starts with holding your center in your mind while you try to relax your body and hold the stance for three minutes First adjust your legs to hip width, slightly bent at the knee. Rotate your pelvis slightly up, pull your chin in and up. Let your arms dangle at your sides. Let your mind focus on holding the stance. Feeling your attachment to the floor as you try to hold your center with your mind. Your center is located approximately 2 inches below your navel and 1/3 the distance from the front to the back. This is a real physical point and you will in time feel what seems like a band of rubber stretching and relaxing as it accumulating energy while you stand. Little by little you will feel the energy start to move in your body as you hold the posture. Keep the focus on the hara and try to move the energy with your mind. It is said that the energy is moved by the intent or mind and the chi (energy) moves the body. As it penetrates your organs you get healthier . As your mind focuses you find that your body gets stronger. Try to increase your standing time. The mind calms the body relaxes, The breath gets long and full and deep and you enter a state of standing meditation.