Money Business and Yoga

Contact with your true nature changes your goals

Upon graduating from Engineering School and while working at my first job, I took a course in investing. I had big plans and $5000.00 in the bank. This was a mail order course and really did not give you much to go on. However, I thought that I had unearthed the perfect investment, Gold. I took my $5000.00 out of the bank and bought shares in a gold mine in Canada. I had big hopes. It only took 2 months for the mine to go broke and there went my money. This was my introduction to the world of finance. I still had big plans; however my bank account was down to zero.

Fast forward 15 years. I had started to teach Karate and was a student of Tai Chi. I didn’t know it but I was gradually changing. The karate, which had hardened my body, was offset by the tai chi which was softening my body. I had started a successful business but did not have any money to invest. I still had big plans to make a killing in the market. Fortunately for me I never accumulated any excess money. So I shelved my plans.

Fast forward 10 years. I had stopped teaching karate and was teaching Tai Chi and had become a student of yoga. I was spending half of my time with my practice and the other half with my business. Both were growing. I started to accumulate some extra money. So you would surmise that I would invest it. Wrong. My first act was to form a foundation in order to do some good in the world. My second act was to formulate a new investment policy. Basically it was this.

My aim in investments was to keep what I had. My only investments would be in Treasury Bills. The interest didn’t matter to me. Again I only wanted to keep what I had. This dominated my strategy up to the present time. Well, now you have the background, but here is where the story starts.

Over the years as my psyche changed due to my intense practice. New thoughts surfaced in my mind. It was like I was a radio and had found some new stations to tune in to. I was coming into contact with my real self. That part of my where it was more important to give then receive, that part of me that couldn’t lie, cheat or steal, that part of me that felt holy during my practice. My whole view of the universe had changed.

Here are some of the interesting things that happened to me. Waiters were always under charging me on my restaurant check. Normally I wouldn’t say anything. After all, I reasoned that the money was better in my pocket. Now I was uncomfortable with my old behavior and insisted in getting my check changed to the proper sum. Suppliers to my company started looking kindly at us and very often we were given inside deals which netted us large profits. I related to all of the people working with us and in turn they always stuck by us. We took care of them when they were in need. My whole focus had changed from caring about myself to caring about others. I am sure that the vibes I was transmitting unknowingly were coming back to me. This was karma at work in the real world.

The evolution of ones self thru the practice of Yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts or practices of disciplines such as Calligraphy, flower arranging or the Tea Ceremony are a natural progression in our lives. The desire to get into some form of meditation is your spirit calling you. Don’t hang up the call. Spirit and mindfulness go together with truth bringing about the idea of what your life is really about.

Business success can come about as a result of keeping mindfulness as your first choice. By mindfulness I mean total concentration on your business when you are work. This can be like reading a great book. You are totally absorbed and time shoots by. Once you start to feel yourself as part of the whole your awareness in business changes. Mine did. You start to feel closeness with everyone and everything.

Awareness achieved thru spirituality brings about business success. Most people today would say that business success means profits. My feeling is that profitable relationships mean business success.