On The Road To Reality

An assessment of the value of the practice of the Internal Arts

Internal Arts practice doesn’t look like much due to the fact that the results are reflected internally and not externally. It is internally where the major changes in our outlook start to change. Students become more focused on their mind body relationship instead of how heavy a weight they can lift.

Our world is constantly changing and in order to change with it we need to be in contact with ourselves. This is the basis for our survival and growth in these uncertain times. No longer is it enough just to earn a degree in order to insure a happy and successful financial goal. Relationships depend on the ability of the individual to act in accordance with their internal environment and be able to express their true nature in their daily life experience. Becoming green internally is the way to go.

The study of the internal arts like Tai Chi and Yoga provide students with the internal skills in which to navigate the external world. It is one thing to be able to earn a certification in ones chosen vocation and quite another to be able to successfully live their dream. Happiness is that elusive quality that cannot be bought. It can only come from within. An unburdened heart can readily reflect true love and appreciation. These attributes will echo thru the universe providing a springboard for the complete human being.