Going full speed in the wrong direction
can be rectified with patience

Learning to drive was a traumatic experience for me, especially driving a stick shift car. I was on a low hill going up the road when I decided to change gears. I depressed the clutch and moved the gearshift to second gear. At the same time I depressed the gas pedal expecting to go forward, but the car was going backwards down the hill, and worst of all we were picking up speed. The more I depressed the gas pedal the faster we were backing up. I had mistaken reverse for second gear. Suddenly I froze. There was a car coming up the hill in back of us. I turned the wheel and backed off the road. Suddenly I felt the crash. I had backed into a tree. Luckily no one was hurt and we found a farmer who helped us get back on the road.

Thru the years I have always remembered that incident. Pedaling hard and going backwards. We all have experienced that type of behavior in our everyday life experience. We are so sure of our direction and goals that we cant see the larger picture. In the internal arts of yoga, tai chi and chi gung we want to make fast progress, however our bodies can only start to relax within a certain time frame. These arts are also about developing discipline and stilling the mind. This cant be rushed. Only time and patience are required. Little by little the body relaxes, the mind calms, the breath elongates and you start to move into a different place, and from that place you start to see the world differently. This is the result of your practice over a long period of time.

We are all suited for something special. The idea is for us to tune in to ourselves as we practice and identify that special talent. Then go out and fulfill your destiny. It is there where you will find a sense of happiness. Don’t give up. All you need is the discipline to do your practice daily and the patience to succeed