Piercing The 20/20 Boundary

Using your body to access your mind

We live in a finite space with our five senses as our boundaries. Think about it, our bodies can only operate within certain predetermined limits. We probably could not survive in another part of space. Our whole life experience takes place in this relatively narrow corridor. We are relegated to explore our reality within certain limits. Have you ever wondered what else there is happening on the other side of our finite space? Animals have much keener senses in many ways. They hear things we can’t hear. They smell things we can’t smell. How do we get access to that space outside of our box? Is there another reality?

Ages ago certain people had the same questions on their minds. Are we really who we think we are? How do we go about exploring our sense limits? It is my opinion that some realized that our bodies not only harbored our limits but were accessible to other boundaries. This is where yoga, meditation and other internal arts were born. Could it be that ancient yogis reasoned that if they stretched open their bodies, they would be able to access other parts of their minds? The breath connects the mind and the body. Could expanding the mind be the result of expanding the body with the breath acting as the connection?

Many people who practice the internal arts for long periods of time, myself included, have witnessed a change in their approach to their life experiences and ways of solving their problems. New answers appear to replace old ways of viewing their reality. As the body stretches, expands and relaxes into new and different postures, the mind does the same. The result is people whose old views slowly change and expand to encompass new vistas previously unknown. Consider the yoga practioner who changes their diet around due to new thoughts appearing in their psyche. These thoughts are not pointing the way to better health, but to the realization that they are more connected with the universe and wish to live in harmony with their environment. New thoughts arising in their subconscious minds float into their conscious mind and wait to be discovered. Upon discovery ideas change resulting in a wider view of their reality.

Spiritual growth is a result of the mind body and soul coming together. As we get closer to our souls a spiritual awakening occurs, our lives change. We become who we really are.