Real Food For Real People

Exercising our spiritual muscles

The one overlooked attribute of us humans is the capacity to reach a higher state of consciousness. Most of us live in the dimension of the five senses, and do not dare to venture out into the real world. In this dimension we experience life through our mind and egos translation of our sense organs input.

When I started my business over 40 years ago, I was immersed in my interpretation of the business world and making a lot of money. At that time I was working for my father after becoming disillusioned with the life of a Civil Engineer. As far as I was concerned everything goes as long as I made a profit. Upmost in my mind was paying back the loan plus interest that my father had made to me. I was working long hours developing my paper business and working in my fathers linen supply business at the same time. Here is the way my business started.

While working in the linen supply business one of my fathers customers showed me a magazine advertisement for a Chef Paper Hat. He told me to buy them from the manufacturer and stock them for him, delivering a case with the weekly laundry delivery. I happened to know the manufacturer as I was purchasing uniforms from his company for the linen supply. I called the president and arranged a meeting with him over lunch. My goal was to convince him to let my company stock and ship out the chef hats in small quantities, which were below his minimum orders. In return I would try to buy more uniforms from him for the linen supply business. I got a positive answer within a few days and the orders started to come in. My new business had just taken off. I was on cloud nine. I felt as if I had engineered a great deal, then an interesting thought drifted up into my psyche. In actuality the only way I had secured this new business was because of my ties to my fathers business. I had used my fathers business to leverage my chef hat deal. I felt as if I owed him for this and resolved to pay him back someday. The above type deal was repeated many times and my business grew. In time I did repay him although he never realized it. I repaid him with time spent in helping him in his business after I had gone out on my own.

The connection to the title of this article is the fact that somehow I had realized that I owed my father a debt and repaid him without his knowledge. This is what I mean by exercising your spiritual muscles. This is the food you need for that spiritual connection. All debts must be repaid in time or else you suffer in your quest for spirituality. Please don’t get the idea that I always repaid all of my debts. Actually I did not, however I am proud of this incident.

Spiritual muscles are exercised every day according to your ability and insight in your daily life experiences. Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated should be your watchword. Always try to be aware of who you are and don’t build up a drawer full of IOUs.

In time as you walk your walk you will be drawn to discover your inner self. This actually happens automatically as you mature in years and deeds. You will start to feel the need to give back to humanity and act on that need. Feed yourself this food and taste the sweetness of life. Your spiritual foods are your deeds. They are truly real foods for real people.

Spiritual growth or your relationship with the universe depends on an inner desire to contact your soul and exhibit its attributes. Meditation is the path most often followed, however good deeds are like a gourmet meal.