Realizing Your Dreams According To Your Plans

Find out how to formulate an action plan for your life

In my life I tried to live according to a realistic plan developed in my mind and carried out over a long period of time. Here is an example of one of my goals. I started my practice of karate in my early twenties with a goal of learning how to defend myself and eventually become a karate instructor. I did not formulate a timetable rather just let the two goals percolate for a couple of years. During that time I started to understand that karate was not just for self-defense, but was a vehicle for the development of character and a road to understanding yourself. That road was long and full of turns away from self-defense and teaching. At this point I modified my goals to just stay on the path and not to pay attention to my long-term plans. Without realizing it I was starting to operate in the moment giving it my very best. Eventually I did become an instructor and did develop the skills necessary to defend myself. However those two goals faded from view as I realized that my destiny was to develop into a more spiritual being.

It was at this point in life that I had to make an important decision. My business had grown and I was torn between enlarging my business thru working longer hours and staying on the road to spirituality. My goals now evolved to form a new action plan, which entailed setting aside, enough time for my spiritual practices and not enlarging my business. This new goal became a long-term plan and I stuck with it for many years until I had to revise it and formulate plans for my retirement. My dream according to my plan was to teach and write and that materialized when I sold my business. I now am able to devote my time to helping other people achieve their dreams. Listed below are some hints on how to realize your dreams according to your plans.

1) After appropriate thought formulate your long-term goals.
2) Then put your long-term goals aside and concentrate on your daily life experience.
3) Use your intuition in facing your short-term problems.
4) Be flexible in the path you take short term.
5) Always give your best no matter where your destiny takes you.
6) Realize that you are an important part of your universe and act accordingly.
7) Open your heart and throw out good vibes.
8) The universe will hear you and happiness will emerge along with your goals.