Reflections of your true nature

Spirituality thru Awareness & Mindfulness In Meditation

What you present on the outside is really a mirror image of who you are on the inside. If you reflect calmness on the outside you are calm on the inside. You see, calmness is really your true nature; however it takes a long time to manifest on the outside. Let’s look at calmness and its spiritual ramification. When you initiate your practice the first thing you notice is that you have access to what is going on within your psyche. Your breath, your heartbeat and your thoughts. Most of us have never listened to our heartbeat except when we are startled. Take a minute, close your eyes feel for your heartbeat and just act as a witness to your own heart. Just watch, don’t do anything else. This is your first attempt to get on the road inward. Next bring your attention to your breath. Again just act as a witness to your own breath. Watch it when you inhale. Watch it when you exhale. Feel the movement of your body as you bring your attention to your breath. If you can focus on your breath for a while you realize that you are not doing the breathing, you are actually being breathed. This realization of being breathed can have a major impact on our spirituality. Suddenly we ask ourselves who is doing this breathing. Now that we have witnessed our heartbeat and watched ourselves being breathed lets try to watch our thoughts as they manifest in our psyche. Just witness them, don’t do anything. Don’t be surprised by your own thoughts. Quite often we don’t pay attention to our thoughts, we just act upon them.

So, here we are listening to our heartbeat, watching our selves being breathed and paying attention to our thoughts. These three are also three methods of meditation. Use each one for a couple of months. Find a comfortable position on the floor or in a straight backed chair. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes and just practice one of these methods. When you have tried each one for a while, pick out your favorite and practice it daily.

After a couple of more months reflect on your progress. Has your heartbeat slowed? Has your breath deepened? Have your thoughts quieted down? Are you feeling the beginnings of calmness on the outside emanating from the inside? Have patience. It will come in its own good time. I initially felt this calmness manifest in the middle of business meetings. There I was speaking in a state of internal calmness reflecting in my voice. Every one is different. What I realized may not be your way, but it will come.

Once this calmness takes hold, your life will start to change. You will start to reflect your true nature in your every day life experience. Decisions once hard to come by will get a little easier and with time you will start to understand who you really are.