Riding the Wave

Connecting your personal practice with your meditation

Most people practicing meditation just sit down and try to meditate. This can work if you have practiced meditation before and if your mind and body are ready for meditation, however I find that it is easier to meditate after at least 30 minutes of asana practice, 5-10 minutes of savasana (corpse pose) and 10 minutes or more of pranayama (breathing exercises).

The idea behind this flow is as follows. First establish a flow sequence of postures that you have committed to your subconscious. Once committed to your subconscious, practice the series with emphasis on your breath. Letting the breath fill and empty your psyche. Actually let yourself be breathed as your body moves into and out of the postures. Remember to inhale on expansions and exhale on contractions. This the way a baby is breathed. Flow thru your postures with poise and fluid like movements. Remember your postures are your prayers as your mat is your temple. The asana will bring you into an experience not unlike a religious experience. You will actually feel that you are riding a wave and that it is the wave that is moving you, not you moving with the wave. With this method of practice you will come very close to the meditative state before you actually start to meditate.

Practice savasana and go right into alternate nostril breathing (a breathing exercise which balances both sides of the brain). Practice in a comfortable seated position for 10 minutes. Remember your seated position must be comfortable. You don’t want to be adjusting yourself during meditation. After ten minutes have passed double check your position. Remember to slightly pull your chin back and up in order to straighten your spine. Relax your lower abdominal region. This is very important, as we will be meditating on the movement of the breath.

Now close your eyes and let the your whole body relax. You should have the feeling that your lower body is supporting your upper body, like you are a mountain that is immovable. Just sit and follow the breath with your total attention. Feel it fill up your lower abdominal region and enter into the area of your chest. Feel it empty the chest and enter the lower abdominal region. Watch and feel carefully as the universe is breathing you. From here it is just you witnessing your breath, allowing yourself to be breathed.

Soon after your whole body fills with breathe. You are one big breath or one with your own breath. You have merged with your breath. Now you enter into a level of thoughtlessness. When you can sustain this level for 20 minutes you are close to the experience of Samadhi. It is here that I leave you to experience for yourself your own true nature.

Don’t get me wrong. Most people do not get this far in their meditation practice. However, all meditative states are wonderful. It doesn’t matter where you go. Just go where you are. Spiritual awakening goes together with the practice of meditation. That feeling of connective ness turns into happiness. Mind body and soul interact as one. Like a blade of grass, we have discovered the earth.