Secrets of the Meditative Mind

Increase your meditative states thru proper nutrition

Although it may not seem important to the student of meditation, nutrition is the dominate factor in the development of the true meditative state. Our blood PH (potential of hydrogen ions) must maintain a PH of 7.2-7.4. Our bodies operate efficiently and perfectly when all of our fluids are slightly alkaline with the exception of stomach acid. This slightly alkaline state is dependent on the diet. For the most part fruits and vegetables produce an alkaline ash and dairy, animal products grains and beans produce an acid ash. If you have a meal of mostly acid foods before meditating your mind will have difficulty focusing due to the fact that your blood contains acids which must be balanced by minerals within your body. The body will pull minerals from wherever it can in order to balance the acids in the blood stream. There is plenty of calcium in the bones that the body can use. This is the beginning of osteoporosis. Blood acid states are contractive in nature and instead of being relaxed in the proper meditative position you will find that you are too tense to sit correctly.

At this point you may have already realized why the ancient yogis choose a vegetarian diet. In ancient times there were not as many asana as we have today. In fact the first and only posture they practiced was probably single or double lotus pose. These yogis intrinsically realized that in order to meditate they needed a calm mind and a relaxed body. Acidic blood and fluids produce muscular tightness while an alkaline system gets one prepared to go deep inside the psyche. If your diet is based on acid ash producing foods and you are having some difficulty with your meditation why not try over a suitable period of time to change over to an alkaline ash producing diet. An example of this would be 80% alkaline ash producing foods, and 20% acid ash producing foods or a large salad, steamed vegetables and brown rice. You can easily get a chart of alkaline and acid foods on the internet. Many of the degenerative diseases today are the result of consuming an acid ash producing diet over many many years.

Our bodies are a work of true perfection. They don’t make any mistakes. Our problems arise when we don’t realize what foods and lifestyles they need to function perfectly. Yoga is that state of calming the fluctuations of the mind. Our whole practice is leading up to that point where we can sit in meditation for approximately 20 minutes without any thoughts or movement of our bodies. The slightest movement is preceded by a thought. First the thought happens than the body moves and we are back to square one. According to the eightfold path of yoga there are three states of meditation. The first is concentrating on a point inside or outside of the body (this can also be the breath). The second state is when you merge with the object of your concentration. As an example, when I meditate, I concentrate on my breath for the first couple of minutes. At some point the breath seems to take over my body. I become the breath. I just watch myself being breathed, paying attention to the whole inhale and exhale. This is the state which leads to Samadhi, that ultimate state of physical realization of our own true nature. (I am not there yet). In order to develop the discipline necessary for a successful practice, diet and lifestyle must be integrated into your daily routine. Remember that the path of yoga is a sacred undertaking. You can’t practice in the bathroom and see any results.

Everything is connected; all of your cells are connected. We all are miniature universes functioning together. In meditation, mind body and soul connect producing spiritual healing and spiritual growth. This mindfulness extends into our daily life encounters producing a spiritual awakening.