Seeking Spirituality

Establishing a link with the universe

We are all small universes connected to the larger universe by our souls. Our souls reside within our hearts, engaged in witnessing our progress.If we can get in touch with our souls thru the practice of internal arts, we discover that our souls contain special attributes. Experiencing these attributes can bring about great changes in our lives.

One of the yamas or ways to live your life is called ahimsa. Yamas are part of the eightfold path of yoga formulated about 5000 years ago by Patanjali. Ahimsa means to do no harm. There is a big difference between doing no harm because it is stated in the yamas and doing no harm because that is the feeing we get when we are in touch with ourselves. Most people may agree with a philosophy when it is presented to them, however the majority will not continue with that belief. Whereas if one feels a physical and mental sensation of goodness upon committing an act of kindness,and that goodness emanates from the heart center, that direct communication is an example of living with ahimsa.

Take for example animal experimentation in the search for cures for humans. How would ahimsa apply here. Can we rationalize harming animals? Are animals really below us in the universe? Do they have souls?Are they more connected to the universe or nature than humans? Do humans have the right to do harm to them? After all, humans have been harming other humans since the beginnings of recorded time. I am not trying to answer this question, rather to start the thought process which when coupled with the practice of meditation and internal arts could eventually enable the practitioner to feel the right answer. That experience if repeated enough times could effect a change throughout the universe.

The practice of the internal arts is a way within. A way to discover within yourself those attributes emanating from your heart. A way for you to experience a life of truthfulness happiness and love. A way of living a meaningful life devoted not only to your family but all of humanity. Practices such as yoga are formulated in order to develop the capacity for the individual to achieve that state of oneness. The practice consists of opening the body by use of certain methods of stretching, opening and relaxing the physical body and the mind. The mind calms, the body relaxes, spiritual awakening gradually dawns together with awareness. Sit in meditation to experience the true sound of silence.