Sharpening The Real You

Operating at your best

Ever get up in the morning feeling great and knowing intrinsically that you will have a great day. You know when that happens nothing can stop you. You can achieve all of your goals. In short you are operating at peak efficiency. Why and how do you have days like that? Can you do it again whenever you want? Is there a formula you have to follow? These questions are hard to answer. Each of us is unique and we all require different physical mental and emotional balance before we can hit another of those great days again. Listed below are some of the recipes I have cooked up over the long and short term in order to hit my peak operating state.

Diet-No matter what the diet gurus say, each of us needs a different diet tailored to our unique psyche. This diet must have carbohydrates, fats and protein in the right amounts. Cutting down or out on fats is not the way to go. We need fats including cholesterol to make our sex hormones and cell walls. Complex carbohydrates, not simple carbohydrates are the way to go. We need protein, and from my many years experience as a vegan and vegetarian, I can tell you that everyone needs some animal protein in their diet. You will never run efficiently depending on all vegetable protein for all of your protein needs. Keep a food diary and notice the effects that certain foods have on your psyche. Recently I was speaking to a monk who was a former student of mine. He now lives in a temple in Thailand. His food comes from begging daily, however as he begs for his food from his neighbors he must eat what they eat, which is not vegetarian. This is a good thing as many temples serve their monks strict vegan food, which eventually shows up in shorter life spans.

Exercise-We all need exercise, and the exercise also needs to be tailored to our specific body type. Some of us need hard exercise like martial arts, running or similar exercise, while others need soft internal exercises like yoga or tai chi. There is no one size fits all, the way you see it at a gym or health club. Investigate various forms of exercise in order to see which one fits you best.

Emotional calm-In order to accomplish our goals we need a plan. Along with that plan we need to have the emotional stability in order to make it happen. Here is where the one size fits all comes in. Everyone needs some form of meditation. We need this in order to calm down the mind so that our ego does not run our lives. Meditation is both the easiest and hardest discipline to take up. Check out some books or articles and start a meditation practice.

Now you have the formula. The proper mix of diet, exercise and emotional stability will give you the training you need in order to function to the best of your ability, most of the time. Remember that you are a special unique soul given a physical body in order to function in the world of the five senses. You me and everyone else needs to find their own way in this dimension. Our souls will guide us in our quest if we could only hear them. Listen carefully with a calm mind, good nutrition and a well functioning body and you will connect.

The innate need to meditate is the result of the soul linking up with the mind and body. Intrinsically we know this to be.