Linking up to yourself

Most people define spirituality as some sort of feeling generated from calmness of mind or some sort of place to go where one feels secure and comfortable in times of need. My own definition of spirituality slowly evolved over many years.

At first I wasn’t looking for spirituality, nor was I interested in what it was. I was interested in fighting, specifically karate. My whole thrust was to learn how to fight. Although I had heard the word spirituality, I had no idea of its meaning, nor was I interested. Looking back I could see that actually I was headed in the right direction without realizing it. I was traveling the road to spirituality by undertaking a modality specifically geared to introducing one to himself or herself. That hidden part of us rarely mentioned, but felt.

You go about finding yourself thru testing your limits within a modality such as yoga or martial arts. The limits are both physical and mental. From learning the precise movements of the kata (fighting an imaginary opponent) of karate to sitting in an uncomfortable posture while trying to meditate in yoga. It is all the same. Discipline occupies our minds as our bodies rebel against the movements or postures of the modality. Yet they must be done over and over again until no thought is involved in their practice. You become the practice and the practice leads you to yourself.

Once you have started to open the door to your real self, calmness starts to become your real environment. You function out of a stillness generated from within, and that within is your link to the understanding of spirituality. Spirituality is that link to the universe found deep within our psyches. It is the glue that binds us together. We are all spiritual beings seeking out ourselves and manifesting our true nature in our everyday lives. It’s like traveling a long circular road and upon reaching your starting point you realize that you were always there, going nowhere, forever traveling back to yourself.

Find a modality specific to your personality and make it your own thru your practice.