Stress Busters

Learning to live with stress

In the process of building up my business I had to move the company around quite a bit. As we grew we needed more space. One of my jobs was to find the right amount of space and negotiate the proper rent. Too much space meant too much rent and too much rent meant lower profits. My first sizeable building was a sublet. I was renting the space from the tenant who had a lease on the whole building from the owner. I negotiated a great deal from the tenant. Actually the deal was too good. We had a three year lease and the tenant whom I was leasing from went out of business after 18 months. The owner was not interested in renting to us. So there I was, we had to move. At that point I decided to buy a building. I negotiated a deal for a local builder to build me a building on a piece of land which he would sell to me. He also agreed to rent us space in one of his other buildings until our new building was ready. Again, this was too good a deal.

We moved into the builders building immediately. Work was started on our new building. Before our new building was ready the builder sold the building we were in. We had to get out as soon as possible. I made a deal with the contractor to rent a generator to provide power to the new building until he could finish it. Talk about stress, here we were running our business out of a large building powered by a generator which needed to be fueled daily.

That was only half of the problem. I had enough money for half of the payment for the new building and I borrowed the other half from my bank with whom I had a relationship. I figured that I would pay back the bank within two years. Banks usually like you to clear your loans for a month each year. I was playing it close as I could not clear my account for a month each year.

Within the next couple of months the building was finished and I had paid off the builder with the banks money.Things went along well for the next 18 months. Due to my friendship with the banks management the loan wasn’t called in.

Then, all of a sudden my friend at the bank left his job and a new replacement was brought in. Talk about stress again, I was in a tight position. I needed more time in which to accumulate more money. Luckily the bank didn’t bother me for a while and I had time to accumulate enough money to repay the bank.

Now you may think that the moral of the story was to not take chances. My view is that to end up with a new building I had to take chances. They were calculated chances, but they were chances. The idea is to build up your ability to handle stress so that you can emerge from stressful situations ok. We all have stress in our lives. Modalities like yoga, tai chi or running can train our nervous systems to withstand daily stress and come out ok.

Our spirits are strong and resilient. We need to train hard in order to overcome adversity. Linking the breath with the movements of the body puts us in touch with our reality. Daily training strengthens our spirituality and can result in business success.