Tai Chi Scorecard
Tai Chi looks easy to practice, however once you try a class its a lot of hard work over a long time with no guarantee of success. Most people stick around for a while and then gradually withdraw. Most of the initial work should be done at home making for boredom. Strange postures need to be held for a long time. It’s easier for Martial Arts students as they are more familiar with the poses having practiced. Remember each posture is a self-defense technique and as you go thru the form it is wise to imagine how to use the posture.

First of all try to practice total body relaxation. That is what I said. You must relax all of your muscles, tendons and joints. Your body stores a lot of old emotions when they happen and these old emotions tend to start to dissolve as you relax more and more. Use only enough strength to hold the body in an up right posture. Now relax your lower body to allow your relaxed weight to sink down into the floor. Use your imagination to help you relax. Try to stand on a level floor and practice letting your upper and middle body weight gradually flow down into the floor. Hold the body in a hip width leg position, slightly bend the knees. Act as if your head was attached to the ceiling by a string. The tip of your tongue to the roof of the mouth. Now try to locate your center of gravity. It is 2 inches below your navel and 1 third from the front of your body to the back of your body. Just stand and focus relaxing over and over. Start out at 5 minutes and build from there. Try to stand for 30 minutes. (Hands by your side. To be continued