The business of getting in touch with yourself

Practicing meditation can lead to a deep state of calmness peace and tranquility

So, what are we doing here? And how do we start to get closer to whom we really are. These are perplexing questions and sometimes the answers are found in places you would least expect them, your business environment. We reveal ourselves in our everyday life experiences when we are open in body mind and spirit. We prepare ourselves for this opening by practicing some form of internal exercise similar to Yoga, Tai Chi or Meditation. Any exercise which follows a ritualistic discipline consisting of a set of pre arranged movements done over and over again will facilitate your progress.

In my meditation practice, I would concentrate on the breath. I would meditate every day for 20-30 minutes following the same schedule at the same time day after day. First I would set a timer, then carefully arrange my meditation cushion, get comfortable and focus on my breath. The spine should be straight. The eyes can be closed or slightly open.
Wear comfortable cloths. If you are not entirely comfortable sit in a straight backed chair. Try to let the body relax. That is the secret of successful meditation. As the body relaxes the mind calms and the breath sinks down to the lower abdominal region. Now focus your attention on the movement of the breath. First watch that on the inhale the lower abdomen expands and on the exhale the lower abdomen contracts. This is the same as watching a baby breathe. Then as the body relaxes and the upper body sits on the lower body a spark starts the inhale in the lower abdomen. The breath expands and fills the lower abdomen, then another spark and the breath contracts, emptying the lower abdomen. This movement of the breath should be witnessed by the practioner. Leave it alone. Just watch it, as you are not breathing, but being breathed. Try not to move, just focus on the breath. Soon it will appear to get stronger; soon your whole body will fill with breath. The universe will be breathing you. Focus on the breath and relax the lower abdomen. The softer you are, the more powerful the breath. Time stands still. You are no longer aware of the passage of time. You just are. Then the timer goes off and you can’t believe that the time passed so fast.

The results of this type of practice will reveal themselves to you in your daily business experiences. Your reactions to circumstances will calm down allowing you to find the correct answer. Your new found relaxation will reveal itself in your voice. Your body will appear more relaxed. The effects of a disagreement will be only temporary and you will calm down faster. Thoughts will come a little slower allowing for more examination before acting on them.

The benefits of meditation will continue to be present if you let them. Yoga postures will strengthen your body and enable you to sit for 30 minutes without moving. The balance of body mind and spirit will lead you closer to yourself. This form of healing meditation will tend to alkalize the body. It is truly a spiritual art.