The Making Of A Yogi

From here to eternity

I had a difficult time growing up. I guess most people do, but I felt that my evolution was especially burdensome. I just could never seem to find my place in the puzzle. I was completely opposite of my mother and sister who were all ego and possessions and my father who only seemed happy when he was at work. I did not seem to have any family ties. My belief systems were 180 degrees from that of my family. In my early teens I started spending my free time hanging out with my friends who were a loose knit gang. Here are some examples of my experiences from age 9 on up.

I was never caught up in possessions, as were my friends. On Saturdays my father used to take me to work with him in the laundry, however due to the fact that I would never wear a suit, and he felt that it was mandatory, he usually went to work on Saturdays alone, and I locked myself in my room rather than wear a suit. On the days that he allowed me to wear jeans I went into work with him, and after work in the afternoons he would visit customers in the city. This was my favorite part of the day, as he would take me to used bookstores. There I would fantasize that I was actually a character in one of the books and yearn to live out that fantasy in real life. Then we would spend the rest of the day seeing customers. Remember that I was only 9 years old at the time and I refused to let my parents buy me any clothes except jeans and flannel shirts. Believe it or not that to this day I only have 1 suit, a couple of pair of slacks and a lot of old worn out jeans.

At fifteen years old two of my friends and I bought a 1946 Dodge coup for $50 from another friend. We managed to get a forged birth certificate, and my friend used the forged birth certificate to get a drivers license and register the car. We also bought insurance on the car using the registration. Summer was almost upon us and one of my partners had agreed to drive the car up to the camps at which my other partner and I were staying for the summer. Our plans were to get the car up to camp and than drive around the mountains and pick up girls. At the appointed time the partner who was supposed to drive the car up to camp got sick. He convinced another friend to drive the car up. This other friend named Marty was not the best driver and didn’t even have a license. Fortunately, or not, he made it up to camp and on the road leading into camp lost control of the car and drove it into the camps lake. Soon the police were called and our car was towed out of the lake. Our parents were also called and immediately drove up to camp. Eventually the car was driven back to the city and placed in my driveway where it was supposed to stay while our parents decided what to do. Needless to say we were on very shaky ground with our parents and were not allowed to see each other for 6 months. More on our adventures with the car in the near future.

By now you are probably wondering why I titled this article “The Making Of A Yogi.” I feel that is important that you get some background on how I operated before I took up karate, tai chi and finally yoga. If you get to know the real me as a child you can begin to see that I had an affinity for searching for that illusive something from a young age. I had to work out many feelings and emotions that were blocking my evolution as a real person. This took many years and I had to work thru many problems before I was able to smell the flowers.

Those of us seeking some sort of spiritual awakening have a long road to navigate. Self-awareness starts to enter our psyches leading to the yearning for the connection of our mind body and soul. This yearning draws you to search inside for the answers that have always been there.