Getting in touch with your own true nature thru your breath

Your breath is the only automatic function of your body that you can override. Think about it, you cant run your own digestive process. Actually your breath is an inner doorway to your subconscious mind. By getting in touch with your breath you start to discover the pipeline leading from your exterior state of being to the real you, that part of you which is connected to the universe. It’s almost like making a phone call to your self.

Many paths of meditation focus on the movement of the breath in their search for understanding. My path is a little different. Picture the breath as you would picture the wind. You can’t see it but you can feel it. Picture the power of the wind blowing at 60 miles per hour. Now imagine that the wind was blowing at 60 miles per hour and that you are part of that wind. Classic meditation works with 3 different stages. First focus on the breath, and then merge with the object of your concentration. Then allow yourself to drift into Samadhi the final stage. Easier said than done.

How about this. First soften up your body with many moons of practice. Allow the inhales to come into the belly expanding it and then traveling up the solar plexus and finishing in the lungs. Then allow the exhales to empty first the lungs then the solar plexus then the belly. Once you have practiced this within yoga postures or tai chi forms, let the breath provide you with the energy to let the practice do you. In other words let the breath power the movements of your body. Once you have done the necessary training, try focusing on the effects of the breath while you are out for a walk. First try to balance the upper part of your body on the lower part of your body. Once balanced while walking feel yourself gradually becoming part of your breath. At this point let the breath take over and just go with the flow. This is walking meditation powered by focused breathing. The last step is to perform the walking meditation while seated. Remember to balance the upper body on the lower body and always keep the lower abdominal region very soft.

Little by little with total body softness the breath will penetrate your whole psyche. Your mind will calm. Your body will relax and your breath will fill and empty your whole body. With time, you will develop a floating sensation as your breath powers you. Time will cease and you will connect with your self.