Transformation can be attained thru right practice

The ultimate goal of humanity is to dig deep into our psyches, experience our true nature and manifest that true nature in our everyday life experiences. We all come from a place of love, understanding, compassion and the desire to connect with the universe. To experience that connection, many of us practice the internal art of yoga.

During the course of my practice of the internal arts, I formulated a riddle about yoga. It goes like this. ‘If your mat is your temple, what are your prayers?’ This stumps many of my students, however some do get it and answer it correctly. The answer is that your asanas are your prayers. How could you know this? After much practice you start to feel as if you were entering a holy place deep inside of yourself. Little by little that holy place starts to grow and reflects itself in the desire for purity and the connection of mind body and soul. One who practices yoga slowly begins to walk the path of truthfulness honesty and compassion. It all goes together. We begin to see the world a little differently because we are coming from a different place.

Yoga is all about the development of the human being. It’s like a school for our journey thru life. In the beginning we follow the basics of asana, but asana is only the beginning of our development. As we move forward we practice pranayama and soon we move into meditation. We learn to seek out our true nature by withdrawing the senses during our practice.

The results of our practice surface thru the idea of thoughtlessness during our practice. Our thoughts start to diminish and are replaced by a calmness, which is expressed as a new level of understanding of our connection with the universe. The slower we go during our asana practice, the less thoughts we have. Quite often we start to take responsibility for our lives. Once we start to depend upon ourselves to solve our problems, we begin to find new ways of solving our problems. This web site is a reflection of my inner nature reflecting itself in my everyday life experience. I want to share my experiences and lessons in life with you. I want nothing from you. It is my hope that you can learn from my mistakes in order to speed your transformation in this incarnation. Remember that you are more than you think. You matter.