The Way Of Compassion

Discovering the attributes within

Last night I watched a twenty-minute video on The main theme of the video was on giving compassion in the turbulent world in which we live. By the three major religions getting together and sharing ideas along with a groundswell movement of the United Nations and ordinary people, a more peaceful world could gradually evolve. This really caught my interest as I feel close to all people. I thought that is was a great idea definitely worth exploring.

As I pondered the idea of exchanging compassion for the purpose of a more peaceful existence, I wondered how all of those people and religious leaders would find their individual compassion. I reasoned that they haven’t found it yet. If they had, there would not be so much unrest and fighting in the world. Therefore, if the idea was to export compassion, where would they get it from and were you born with it, or, is it possible that you could develop it. Could you get it from your religion or your parents or close family?

The origin of compassion was not discussed, however it is vital to any movement to have it in order to give it. All religions certainly teach compassion, however it doesn’t seem as if their followers take up the teachings. Most families also teach compassion to their children, however the children once grown do not seem to practice it.

I did not learn compassion from my parents or religious leaders. Rather I slowly started to get in touch with compassion as a result of my many years of practices in the internal arts.

I believe that each of us has a soul and that our souls are connected with the universe, nature or God. If we can find a way to get closer to our souls through various methods like meditation; if we are able to start to clear our minds of endless egocentric thoughts – then we will start to experience our own true nature. That true nature is the understanding and experiencing of the holiness that resides inside each and ever one of us. It is that holiness which imparts to the seeker its attributes, of which compassion is one.

By consistently practicing ‘stilling the mind’ you will naturally find the compassion that dwells within and once found, you will naturally experience compassionate thoughts entering your psyche. These new thoughts will spur you to act compassionately in your immediate environment. Little by little your horizons will expand and you will exhibit the feelings of true compassion.

This takes work. You can’t order it like a pizza pie. You have to make the pie yourself before you can taste it. I guarantee that once you taste it you will never go back.

Meditation can lead to the experience of that connection of mind body and soul. Spirituality develops in time from leading a life of mindfulness and awareness.