The Way Of The Soul

Insights into the real you

Last night after eating out at a local restaurant, I asked for the check. When I received it, I checked it out. Immediately I realized that the waitress had not charged for my wife’s glass of wine. Looking around, I did not see her and as we were in a hurry I almost signed off on the mispriced check. I almost acted on my first thought. Not to tell her to change the check. Then my second thought hit me and I realized that I had to get the check changed. Although this may seem trivial, it has great importance in the area of ethical behavior. I had almost let my ego rule my behavior. It took some doing, however the waitress finally showed up. I pointed out the error, which she blamed on the computer. She then proceeded to issue a credit for the mispriced check and bill us the correct amount. At that point I considered another thought that had just appeared. Maybe I should cut the amount of the tip. After all she had made a mistake. Again, I almost listened to my ego and made the wrong decision.

This small incident, which occurs to most of us at some time or other, is the basis for our spiritual connection. The ability to hear our thoughts is the result of our body and mind starting to relax. This relaxation initiates a process of connection to our soul. Once we realize that we are growing closer to our soul, we tend to exhibit the attributes of our soul in our daily life. We become better people. This is what should be happening as we mature in our voyage through life.

I had to make the proper choice in the restaurant. At that moment, trivial as it may seem, I was balancing the universe on my shoulders. I was involved in a baseball game. The score was tied in the ninth inning and I was up to bat. Had I made the wrong decision and struck out, my progress in spirituality would have stopped.

The key here is to develop some method of relaxing the body and mind in order to hear the soul speak, or maybe I should say to feel the soul speak.

Good news, many of these methods are readily available to us. Civilizations have been using them for ages. Some of their names are yoga, meditation, tai chi, calligraphy, flower arranging, the tea ceremony and many more. You just have to pick one out according to your personality and explore it over a period of many years. It’s not like going to the drug store and walking out with a feel good prescription. Here you explore yourself in search of the real you. This takes guts. Maybe you are frightened of who you really are. Have patience and determination. Don’t get sidetracked.

This spiritual connection manifests in an awakening to our state of mindfulness. We connect with ourselves and feel the connection of mind body and soul.

Go out to eat more often.