The Yoga of Business

Improving your business through yoga – Yoga for business

Most of us would probably tend to separate yoga and business into two different categories. This is the way it is before training begins in the internal arts like yoga. Business goals are usually aimed at profits, profits and profits. Company dividends are based on profits and bonuses clearly depends upon meeting certain goals along with increasing profits. After all we are a capitalistic society and happiness is usually based on the accumulation of assets. Everyone is motivated by the desire to accumulate new and more valuable assets. Our society is mesmerized by individuals who have succeeded at the accumulation of valuable things.

I was totally enchanted by this process and after graduating from engineering school and working in the field for the Boy Scouts Of America and The Port Of New York Authority for 5 years quickly realized that I would never live up to my goals unless I changed careers. Actually my career building Boy Scout Camps was cut short when I was identified as cruising around Monticello, New York trying to pick up girls in the official Boy Scout Station Wagon I had the use of. My methodology for achieving my monetary goals left no room for scruples. One of my best friends intended to go into politics and when I had formed my own engineering company he was going to funnel contracts thru my company and I was going to split the profits with him. Luckily this scheme never materialized and I ended up going into my fathers business and eventually starting my own business. (a fluke which developed when a strike by a large manufacturer left the New York Metro area without product and I had the largest inventory in stock in the area, therefore everyone who needed product came to me. After the strike ended I was able to keep a lot of these customers and started my business which I built up and ran for 40 years before selling it)

As my career in business developed so did my parallel career in the Internal Arts. Internal Arts work very slowly. The key phrase here is relaxation, and relaxation takes a long time to manifest. At first you have no idea that you are tense and only when the muscles relax do you grasp the experience of true relaxation. With relaxation the emotional blocks which you have been holding onto slowly dissolve, and you have the opportunity to let them go. This happens often in Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong practice. As the body relaxes the mind also starts to calm. Thoughts which used to race thru ones mind start to slow down. The breath which connects the body and mind starts to elongate. The body is like a large jigsaw puzzle with out the pieces connecting. In time the pieces come together. The body consolidates and comes together. The organs and glands are massaged with the gentle movements of the body. Health starts to manifest and with it the discovery of a different set of attributes located deep inside of us starts to manifest.

An interesting example of this was the way I used to do the purchasing for our company. When faced with a salesperson looking for an order, I would tell him or her that I could get it cheaper, and would they meet the price? (This was a lie, I had not even checked around for competitive prices) After coming into contact with myself I started changing the way I did business. I no longer felt comfortable with a lie, and I started tell salespeople that If they would not lower their quote, I would be forced to check around for a lower price. I now could live with myself. This was the beginning of my development of business ethics. What I had discovered within myself was manifesting outside in my daily activities. My ways of doing business changed. I started to have an affinity for the people I came in contact with. It was more important to give than receive. With my mind calm and my body relaxed happiness started to surface within. Life became good and I was comfortable being who I was.

This is a goal that is reachable by many. All it takes is a disciplined ritualistic practice over a long time. Stay on the road and true happiness beckons.