Tuning Into The Universe

Five paths to the beginning of understanding who you are.

Maybe you have not realized it yet, but we are all receivers. Just like all radio receivers we can receive broadcasts from the universe, if we are prepared physically and mentally to tune into them. We have our choice with respect to the type of transmissions we can tune into. Feelings of love and connection can come along with feelings of hate and revenge. Those of us totally consumed with anger and doubt have equipped themselves thru the lifestyles they have embraced to only be capable of receiving lower types of transmissions. On the other hand many of us have spent long hours in the development and honing of our receivers and can tune into higher vibrations of universal love and happiness. Listed below are some of the methods of tuning up your psyche in order to receive higher transmissions from the universe.

1) Little by little try to make some changes in your diet. Include more vegetables, beans and grains while eating less animal foods. This is the first step in changing the quality of your blood and reengineering your internal hard disk.

2) Become closer to nature by spending time in the pursuit of your favorite outdoor form of recreation.

3) Set aside some time in your schedule for daily meditation. Five or ten minutes are all that it takes for starters.

4) Take up some form of stretching or relaxing exercise like yoga or tai chi.

5) Take up a hobby like knitting which focuses your mind on being in the present moment.

The above five steps will initiate the slow transformation of your spiritual receiving apparatus. Just like a radio you must make the decision to fine tune yourself. Little by little you will start to attract the universal vibrations of love and understanding and manifest them in your daily life experience. Proceed along the road to spiritual liberation at your own pace, paying attention to living in the moment rather than rehashing the past or dreaming of the future. Once I lost interest of my spiritual goals and just focused on staying on the road, I started to make more progress.

One of my most satisfying spiritual goals occurred when I understood that one of the most important methods to live my life by was the idea of doing no harm to anybody or anything. After that realization my life got easier and filled with happiness. Look upon this life as an opportunity to find your way to the understanding of who you really are and remember it is an honor to have been chosen to participate in the search for yourself.