Unlocking The Keys To Your Own True Nature

Opening your heart center thru ritualistic mind body movements

As I practiced the same mind body movements over and over again, my thoughts stilled, my mind calmed, my body relaxed. Soon my breath became synchronized with the movements of my body and I became oblivious to any outside noises. I was focused internally. Time ceased to exist, as I became a witness to myself being moved by my breath. The softer my body became, the more room the breath had to fill it. Soon the breath filed my body entirely. Now the dance slowed down and my body relaxed even more. I could now sense the spot on my breath where the inhales started and the exhales ended. The space between my thoughts grew longer as a deep reverence filled my being. Over and over again I practiced the same movements going deeper with each breath. My heart opened and waves of bliss filled my being.

By mind body movements I mean the postures of yoga, tai chi or any slow motion exercise. These postures must be ingrained in our psyches and bodies. We need to be able to perform them without any thought process before we can really start the dance. This takes time and discipline to achieve. So we start with relaxation of the body, which is connected to the mind. The postures of tai chi must be relaxed without any strength while the postures of yoga must be relaxed and extended. These two roads are parallel and both lead to the same tranquil mind. Once the mind has calmed you naturally find yourself unlocking the keys to your own true nature, which dwells within your heart center. You start to manifest your real being in your daily life experience. Your ego slowly stops dominating your life.

Recently a friend asked how long I practiced daily. Immediately I replied three hours, however my actual practice time was more like two hours. For an instant my ego over rode my true nature and I found myself inflating my practice time to suit the whims of my ego. This was a good lesson for me and for the moment I had failed this daily life experience. Most of us have been caught in the same trap spun by the ego. This is where our practice comes in. The ego gradually recedes as our true nature of love, compassion and truth shine thru. Happiness fills our being and life becomes worthwhile.