Unlocking The Secrets To Happiness

How to stay on the road to happiness

Most of us find that aside from a couple of moments of happiness, our lives are usually too busy to enable us to find our true nature, which we experienced as a baby. It appears that our search back to that stage in our lives when we were totally fulfilled is elusive and fraught with roadblocks. Listed below are some secret ways to contact ourselves, however please don’t reveal these secrets that I will share with you.

Unfortunately money can’t bring happiness, however if we have enough money to live comfortably we don’t have to spend our lives searching for it, and we can apply ourselves to our search. The secret of money is to always try to live within our means. This usually depends upon our ego’s perception of means. The ego wants everything, the faster the better. Our job here is to recognize that the ego is a figment of our imagination and we must be realistic in our quest. Become a good money manager with a plan on which to base your expenditures. Never buy what you can’t afford. Never run up credit card debt. Your only debt should be your mortgage payments after putting at least 20% down. If you don’t own a house your debt is your rent.

In your search for happiness remember that you can’t change anyone but yourself. Don’t stay in relationships based on promises to change. A true relationship is total acceptance of your partner based on love and trust. If that is not working, explore your options and act on them.

Find an occupation in which you can be passionate about your work. Don’t stay in an unhealthy environment. If you decide to leave, make sure you have a new job to go to before you resign your present job.

Befriend people and try to be of assistance to friends and neighbors when possible. If you can, become charitable. What you give will always find a road back to you.

So now we have covered the basics. Money, relationships, work and giving. Now we are ready to embark on our search for ourselves and the true happiness that resides within each of us. You will need to devote some time everyday to your practice. That practice is to be done alone and in a quiet place where you wont be disturbed. Pick an activity that you like. It could be knitting, flower arranging, running or jogging, doing a jigsaw puzzle or meditation. Get some instruction if necessary and set up a schedule for your practice. Remember this should be done alone. Immerse yourself in your practice every day until you become your practice. Time will speed up, your mind will calm and your body will relax. In time you will start to feel a sense of peacefulness and serenity arising within yourself. Your heart will start to open up to new vistas and you will get your first whiff of true happiness.