Vital Tips For A Successful Yoga Practice

Get more results from your yoga practice by following these tips

#1) always thoroughly warm up before starting your asana practice. Don’t jump into a sun salutation immediately. Slowly stretch your body or do some light aerobics before starting your routine. This will enable your body to faster acclimate to the task at hand. In my practice I do 10 minutes of warm up stretches before any asana.

#2) once you are into your asana practice work slowly. Do not rush your practice. This way injury can be avoided or perceived before any damage is done. If possible use a vinyasa consisting of downward facing dog and extended seal(or child pose) between postures in order to bring back balance to your routine.

#3) once into an asana try to relax the muscles and tendons involved, using just enough strength to hold the posture in place. Work with your breath, gradually filling the space you have just created by relaxing the muscles in order to bring the flow of prana to your body part being stretched. Try to relax into the stretch and and hold the asana in good form.

#4) Remember to coordinate your breath with the movement of your body. Inhaling when opening up or extending and exhaling when closing up or contracting during the vinyasa part of your practice.

#5) occupy your mind totally with the practice at hand. Be mindful of the placement of your body in each posture.

#6) Save the more difficult poses for last when your body is totally warmed up. Be extremely careful when practicing new postures. Try to ease your body into any new posture. Do not force yourself into any posture. Remember that you are quite often a product of your ego. Try not to let it get you into trouble during your practice. There are some postures that you will not be able to perform due to your body type. Realize this and stay away from those postures. (Forward bends with straight knees are a no no for me).

#7) In order for your body to become one with the pose try moving into and out of the pose many times working slowly, coordinating the breath, relaxing into the pose and extending your body.

#8) Don’t strain your neck while in a pose. If you feel a strain such as looking at the upward hand in triangle posture, just turn the neck so that you are looking down.

#9) Use your intuition in your practice in order to save yourself from injury. Don’t let an instructor push you into a pose. Back off when necessary.

A successful practice is one done with the mind body and spirit involved in the moment. It should feel like a long dance with your prana moving your body and your body swimming in air. Time ceases to exist and you witness yourself being breathed, as you become part of the universe