Yoga Tai Chi And Meditation

Opening up yourself to a new dimension

We are living thru perilous times, and the hopes and visions of most people are geared to technology and money. The desire to explore our innermost nature is on the backburner. We need to verify ourselves thru Facebook or Twitter. We need to let as many people as we can know what we are doing and where we are going at all times. Yet many of us feel isolated and are afraid of being cut off. We really have no relationship to the universe we inhabit. Face to face interactions on a daily basis is not our priority. What are we to do?

Here is a little story, which illustrates my point. Years ago when I started with e-mail, I operated under the assumption that I was saving time and effort. After all, why walk to the opposite end of our building in order to communicate with someone when I could just push a button and send my message. This was cutting edge technology. I was geared up to face the future. It took me some time to realize that I was now spending more of my time in my cubicle at my computer then I previously was. Even more disturbing was the sense of loneliness creeping up on me. I needed something to connect with. I needed a live person to talk to face to face.
Immediately I knew that I had to change things around. Here is what I came up with. Every morning I would park my car in the lower parking lot and then proceed to walk thru the hallways to my office. On my way I would be sure to say hi to everyone I passed, and discuss any problems of the day. Furthermore whenever possible I would deliver my messages by hand.

Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation are methods of opening up internally so that we can get in touch with our innermost feelings and live them in our everyday life experiences. Without my practice I probably would have stuck to my office, not being aware of my feelings. As it turned out I felt a sense of closeness with other employees as soon as I started to communicate verbally face to face.

In the end result the communication I developed with other employees opened up doors leading to better problem solving and respect for everyone. We all experience opportunities for growth, however most of us do not take advantage of them. Here is your opportunity to start an internal practice of Yoga, Tai Chi or meditation. Eventually you to will awaken to your own opportunities and be able to act on them.