Yoga, Truth And Tax Cheats

A look at the effects of yoga on daily life

After reading in the newspaper that 10% of our population cheats on their taxes and feels that there is nothing wrong with that, I was amazed. That comes to approximately 30 million people here in America Looking back at my life, I remember myself cheating in college tests by writing formulas on my forearms. Everyone seemed to be doing it, so why not me? I was not aware of the implications of cheating at that time of my life, however I knew that it was wrong. Checking back on the article, the 10 % of tax cheats didn’t see anything wrong with it. Cheating of itself reveals some serious faults in our psyches; not realizing that it is wrong is unforgiveable.

Everyone, well almost everyone, is aware that a set of principles exists in most societies. These principles are the glue, which holds everything together. Do Not Cheat is one of them. The implications of cheating without remorse are far reaching. If you cheat on your taxes, why not cheat on your husband or wife? Why not cheat your customers if you are in business? When I cheated on college tests in order to get a good grade, it didn’t occur to me that I might be called upon to use the knowledge I was supposed to have understood from class after graduating. That’s what happened to me. After graduating engineering school, I realized that I did not know where the formulas I cheated with, came from. Basically I cheated myself by cheating in school and not understanding the basic concepts of engineering.

The arts of yoga and tai chi, if practiced correctly, put you closer to yourself and enable you to live happily with your own true nature. As you develop in your practice you get more sensitive to your environment and the ramifications of your actions on that environment. Thoughts about cheating gradually leave your mind as you develop into the human being you really are. You do not need a list of principles to follow; they are embedded in your soul. All you have to do is listen as your intuition guides you thru your life. Intrinsically you know what to do. Calm yourself thru the practice of meditation. Listen to the sound of silence as your being connects with the universe. Clean up your diet in order for your life energy to flow thru your body. Try to incorporate some form of mind body exercise like yoga into your daily schedule. Be aware of your actions and their ramifications and try not to make snap judgments by following your ego.

In time you will discover that your life has meaning and purpose. All you have to do is stay on the road chosen by your intuitive judgment. Do your best in any endeavor you undertake and don’t take on any projects that you cant handle. Progress comes slowly, so have patience.